Private Client


Many Clients wish to instruct us on a private client basis without recourse to Legal Aid. We aim to be as efficient as possible in representing clients in order to minimize any cost which will be incurred but at the same time we wish to maintain our high standards in robustly defending client’s interests.

Our charges are calculated mainly by reference to the time spent by Partner, other solicitors and executive staff in dealing with your matter. This includes advising, attending on you and others, dealing with papers, correspondence, memoranda etc., telephone calls, hearings, travelling and waiting time. Travelling and waiting time are charged at one half of our standard rate.

The rates quoted do not include VAT which will be added to the Bill.

Any disbursements which we incur on your behalf will also be added to the Bill. (Disbursements are additional expenses such as Court fees, travelling expenses etc.).

It is often difficult to estimate how many hours of work, letters and telephone calls will be necessary to complete your matter. We will inform you in writing if any unusual difficulties arise or if anything occurs which will have a substantial effect upon costs.

We appreciate that you may be concerned about costs and we would be pleased to discuss these with you.

You can: -

  • A. Set a limit on costs  This is not the same as an agreed fee. If you wish to set a limit on the costs to be incurred without further agreement with you, please notify us in writing of the limit. On reaching this limit, we will report to you and you will be able to decide whether you wish to incur further costs, and if so, whether you wish to set a revised limit on costs to be incurred.
  • B. Ask us for details of what costs have been incurred at any stage.
  • C. Agree fixed fees for us to represent you based upon our best estimate of the time likely to be needed to resolve you case

Following a change in the law, if you successfully defend this case, the court may only order the re-payment to you of a proportion of your costs. For our part we will try to deal with your case expeditiously but without incurring unnecessary cost which you may not be able to recover.

I must also warn you that if you lose the case, you may still be ordered by the Court to pay the whole or part of the prosecution's costs (often referred to as Court costs).

How much will it cost?



It is normal practice to ask clients to make payments on account of anticipated costs and disbursements. It is helpful if you can meet these requests promptly.

We may deliver Bills to you at regular intervals for the work carried out during the conduct of the case. This enables you to budget for costs and assists our cash flow. We are sure that you will appreciate that in the event of a payment not being made, we reserve the right to decline to act any further, and the full amount of the work done up to that date will be charged to you.

Accounts should be settled within 30 days. We are entitled to charge interest on Bills not paid within that time.


“I was struck by the firm’s commitment to high level client care and I am sure that this is reflected in the high levels of ‘own client’ work and return business.”

Independent Lexcel Auditor