Criminal Defence

We are experienced criminal defence solicitors. We deal with matters from assault, fraud, firearms offences and theft through to manslaughter and murder. We have particular expertise in dealing with the most serious sexual offences and drugs matters.

In addition to matters brought by the Crown Prosecution Service, we regularly defend clients on actions brought by regulatory bodies such as the Health & Safety Executive, DEFRA, the local authority and the DWP. We also represent clients on private prosecutions brought by organisations such as the RSPCA.

If you are unfortunate enough to be arrested or are asked by the police to attend for interview, then you have the right to have legal representation at the police station. We provide a free 24-hour round the clock service at the police station. Simply tell the police that you wish to be represented by Bannister & Co or by one of our named individual solicitors and we will then be with you ready for interview. Remember, this is your right. Do not be fobbed off.

We attend both the Magistrates and the Crown Court on a daily basis. We have a reputation of robustly defending the interests of all our clients.

On the question of costs, our attendance at the police station is free. If you are then charged with an offence that means you having to attend at court, then we can apply for you to be represented at court under the legal aid scheme. Unfortunately, due to government cuts and restrictions, legal aid is not always available. Under those circumstances, we operate a fixed fee system of representation, so that you will know exactly what your legal costs are before you get to court. For more information on costs just call us on 01935 433133.

“I was struck by the firm’s commitment to high level client care and I am sure that this is reflected in the high levels of ‘own client’ work and return business.”

Independent Lexcel Auditor